Monday, 26 May 2014

My transport in the holiday!

My holiday was cool  especially when you have great transport to take you to places you want to go instead of walking. I went to  Middle more train station to catch the train to town to watch my brother perform at Vector arena for mega schools. The train cost me $10.40 as a child. I traveled with my friend Destiny at church. We had fun on the train because we made friends and the ride was really fast. We didn't even know that we got to town so fast! Trains are a great way to get to places fast.

On the first day of the holiday I was picked up in a van to go to a Christian camp in Ngaruawahia , it was for church. We paid 80 dollars for our gas to go into the van so we wouldn't  break down. In the van it took us at least 4 hours to get there with 100 km on the motorway.The van was fun because we ate a lot  of tasty food. My friends from church were there in the van and the music was jamming. It is a family friendly vehicle as it can take a lot of passengers.

My family and I went by car to a wonderful place in East Tamaki which is called Inflatables. In the car it took us about 20 minutes to get there we had driven around a lot of roads instead of the motorway. We took the way through Otara which is faster. Luckily  there are  roads  to get us to places.

We are very lucky to have transport or we will be walking everywhere and it would be very tiring and it would  take a very long time. Thank you to Marquis for inventing transport  and bringing it to our lives.


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