Monday, 9 June 2014

It's time to put a stop to trains!

It is time to put a stop to trains!!!

Hey have you ever wondered, is transport GOOD or BAD.

I vote for an electric train. I think it is very bad. I as a human being vote against trains for they are very bad.
Here is one reason why trains are very bad for the world. They can pollute the air for passengers. A lot of people that are   breathing this type of air can possibly die from this type of air pollution . The engine that the trains are running on could  change to something less smoke.The smoke from this train can kill people, people can breathe this in and it can get into their lungs and you can die. It is kind of like smoking for a child.

In my opinion  the railway tracks   should be established  because  many people all over the world don't obey the rules like crossing the tracks when there are signs saying not to. Many humans can die.They don’t realize that trains can  come without warning.

We need to put a stop to trains because many people free ride the train and don’t get caught. If this happens then they can keep doing it without being caught they will get away with it all the time. If you get caught then it is going to get ugly. You may even involve other family members and even the cops. So make time to tag on or pay your fare.

Did that convince  you that we should stop trains and what they are going to do to us maybe even kill us. So put a stop to  trains now or many humans may die.


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  1. Hey Frances this piece of text has convinced me to make a stop to trains. If I was the Government I would help people to stay alive and I think that this problem should not continue.