Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Directions for a Return trip from Ruapotaka School to Tamaki College!


You are at Ruapotaka School. Follow these easy steps and I will get you to Tamaki College and back very fast and easy.

My Directions for a Return Trip from  Ruapotaka School to Tamaki College  

  1. Drive along Taratoa Street.
  2. Turn left   on to Torino Street.
  3. Turn on to  Triple Road.
  4. Take a turn on to Ermina Ave
  5. Drive past the traffic lights.
  6. Continue on to the the roundabout which should be your first one.
  7. Go around the roundabout to Taniwha Street.
  8. Make sure not to  turn  on to Elstree  street.
  9. Turn left on Fenchurch Street.
  10. Head down Fenchurch Street near Glenbrae  school.
  11. Take the left to Leybourne Circle.
Heading back!

  1. Take the third left heading past Elstree Ave reserve.  
  2. Continue going straight and you will find yourself on Erima Ave.
  3. Turn left on to Torino Street.
  4. Go straight   and you  will   find you are back at Ruapotaka School.

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