Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games
My Prior Knowledge of the Commonwealth Games!
The Commonwealth Games are every 4 years. I know that it’s kind of like the Olympics but with less countries.  It can go international.  Many people from many different countries all around the world come to compete and win medals. Gold is first ,silver second ,bronze third.  Participants in the Commonwealth Games countries  must sing their national anthem. Many people wear their flags to show that they are proud of their country.

My New Knowledge of the Commonwealth Games
The first Commonwealth Games started in 1930.  It started with the British Empire Games.  At every Commonwealth Games only six teams always came to compete which was Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, and Canada.  
Australia has achieved the most  winning in 12 games. The popular games were lawn bowl and netball. They didn't have the Games in  1942 and 1946 because World War II was going on.  New Zealand had 2,565 medals.  
The Commonwealth Games are a multi-sport similar to Olympics. The first Commonwealth Games were held in Hamilton, Canada.  CGF means Commonwealth Games Federation.

I think that my prior knowledge of the Commonwealth Games had a minimum of facts than my present knowledge . With my prior knowledge it is what I already know, but with my present knowledge it is what I  researched and found out all about the Commonwealth Games.

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